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Loved this. Technical Dave was a great addition. Leave it to Jerbeh to always get a smile out of me

Very great animation. The water physics were believable, and the characters showed so much emotion, even without faces. Great work.

Great work for a first animation! Has room for improvement, sure, but it got me to laugh. Great job, overall!

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This was a very wholesome game that made me smile. I am sure making different decisions would change the outcome, but it was a very great story. I'd love to see more like this.

good looking game, unable to finish though.

Found a glitch in the Lava room with the moving stones. Once I got the plank, I couldn't leave the room. The back button always took me back to the collapsed hallway.

residentevil750 responds:

The lava room is designed to be crossed twice, back and forth. Makes it more of a challenge.

It is definitely a small, minimal game, but it expresses how you feel and what you are struggling with. Not too many games can do this accurately. It was very interesting to play, and I am glad you were able to get off your chest.

I see in your description that you are getting better, and I am glad of that.

Even the end gives the feeling of this being an almost endless cycle for you. This endless cycle of critiquing yourself and wanting to make something you see as "great" and not having the life you want is the basis of this game. Just like the way this game is, the only way you can stop the cycle is to stop "Playing". Walk away for a while, take a break, look at what's going on around you. Take a walk, get inspiration from nature or your city/town.

Anyway, that being said, I do like your game. I think it describes your struggle in a way that we can all see, and I am glad you are working on/have been getting through that.

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The audio quality is really good. If you are wanting to use this to promote yourself as a voice over narrator, or spokesperson, then this is great.

If your goal is to be an actor as well, I would recommend making a few demo reels to show different voice styles/character voices you can create, as well as a few snippets showing emotion for acting ability. Be able to show fear, nervousness, or just being quirky.

Have fun experimenting with different lines, voices, and emotions, then pick the ones you want.

However, this demo is pretty solid in my opinion. Depending on what your goal is, you should either do more of this, or expand your goals.

CarlTheVoiceactor responds:

Thank you for the very thoughtful advice my friend! I was actually working on a demo with various voices BUT the one thing I hadn't considered was one with emotions. I'll definitely put a few more of these short bits together and post them here to share before I send anything out. I'd love to hear some feedback once I have those as well :D

Thanks again for the review/advice!

This is a good start. Keep practicing. You have a good range for different voice styles. Keep it up!

AustinJayCook responds:

thank ya kindly :D i shall continue to practice chris- sama

I see you have potential, and even have some decently clean audio. However, I would say some more practice wouldn't hurt. Don't be discouraged, because I am sure you can make some great things and voice some great characters.

I would say find some character scripts or narrations and practice them. Even if it is something a little out of your element, I would say give it a try just to expand on what you can do.

Keep up the good work, and I am looking forward to hearing more demos and voices from you.

AustinJayCook responds:

I greatly aprecciate the support dude best believe i will work hard practice scripts and make sure i get some more stuff out there :)

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Hey! I haven't looks at some Dave and Carl in a while!
*pulls up newest comic*

OK I MISSED SOMETHING!! *furiously flips back to older comics to read*

(In all seriousness, great work lol)

ChazDude responds:

Gotta keep busy :v


*slow clap* Didn't see that coming

ChazDude responds:

Neither did Dave...

...'specially since he's totally pissed.

Jelly of your art skills. Nice job :)

Potatoman responds:

Thank you Chris!

I am a voice actor, who is also looking into animation and game development. I like creepy things, funny things, and really good stories. If it is a really solid story, I will be hooked. Feel free to contact me anytime!




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