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Voice Acting - Commissions

2017-05-08 19:19:37 by chrisrosewood


Are you looking for a voice for your next project? Need something affordable?

My commissions are now open for anyone who is interested!

New picture!

2017-03-27 11:48:44 by chrisrosewood

Wondermeow, the creator and animator of The Wish, made a image of young Jace for me, (since I voice Jace) I like it a lot! :D

So it's going to be my profile pic for a while.



Thanks wondermeow!

The Wish - Prologue:

The Wish - A New Path:

Stay tune for our next episode!

The Wish - 1

2017-03-12 23:31:25 by chrisrosewood

The next episode of The Wish is out now! Check it!

Daily Feature!

2017-01-18 10:09:25 by chrisrosewood

Wondermeow's "The Wish" was given a daily feature! I got to voice a few characters in it, add some sounds, and it was really fun to work on! If you haven't seen it, you should check it out!

Testing Connection - 05

2016-12-10 16:01:13 by chrisrosewood

For those who are interested in my Testing Connection series, here's the latest update:



Modest Medusa - Cast!

2016-12-08 11:14:35 by chrisrosewood

Hi everybody!

I am pleased to announce that Modest Medusa - Season 1 has been casted, and production will start sometime next month! (Yay!)

Hope to be able to share it once it's done!

(If you have no idea what I am talking about, I held auditions for a narrated version of the Modest Medusa comics that Jake Richmond created. You can find them here:


2016-11-02 20:35:04 by chrisrosewood

Even though the video was acting up, I am glad to chat with you all! Thanks for dropping into the stream, and thanks for watching! :D

Live Stream!

2016-11-02 17:51:14 by chrisrosewood

Going live for a Q&A in about an hour! (6:00 PM Central!)

Come on by and chat!

Live Stream Tonight!

2016-11-02 09:38:40 by chrisrosewood

100 Subs Q&A Live Stream tonight at 6:00 PM Central!

Feel free to drop in! Looking forward to chatting with you!


Live Stream Weds!

2016-10-31 16:02:39 by chrisrosewood

I am going to hold a live stream Weds at 6 PM Central Time! If you want to come by and say hi, ask questions, or just hang out, come on by!